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amaplie Sophisticated hand-painted porcelain objects adored by those with exquisite taste . Intended for special moments . Objects for everyday use Keepsakes for generations . 






Marilena Patronikola originates from Asia Minor, and was born in Argentina.

Her paternal grandfather, Georgios Patronikolas, was a priest and her maternal grandfather was Socrates Onassis, who immigrated in the beginning of the 20th century to Greece with his son Aristotelis Onassis and his daughters Artemis, Meropi and Callirhoe. Her father was a phthisiologist, the first doctor in Greece with this specialty who had studied in Austria. He was an accomplished businessman and the creator of the documentary “Greece, a land of dreams.” Her mother was Aristotelis Onassis’ favorite sister.

Marilena is a graduate of the Arsakeion School and has been a devoted artist since 1976. Porcelain came into her life and since then she has taught the majority of porcelain painters in Greece.

She is the founder of the “MP School οf Painting οn Porcelain” and a source of inspiration for porcelain painters all over Greece.


MP School οf Painting οn Porcelain, 30 Drakou str., Koukaki